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In today’s fast growing world everything is on rapid harmony and thousands of inventions & innovations coming into the global market of the same product even at the same time. In these explorations the healthcare sector is also included where the companies of different countries launching new brands of medical supplies in that particular sector day by day; and It a proud for Pakistan that surgimax the medical instrument company is one of them who is performing a valuable role in healthcare industry of the world. Surgimax group well manage & well reputed firm who has become one of the largest producers & exporter of surgical instruments hare in Sialkot city and add more items in his product range to compete in international market and satisfy the ever increasing demands of their customers.

It is our self-important thing that we have nearly 24 years of excellence in our professional business. We have the privilege to be the manufacturing pioneers of Surgical, Dental Instruments and Scissors of all kinds in Pakistan since 1994. Being first of its kind in Pakistan our company has shown splendid growth in this business.

The increasing demand of our products has made it necessary to remind your interest in developing infinite based mutual business relationship and your feed back has become a very important source as establish recognition among us. In This regard we approach you to ask a favorable response from your organization in terms of our new wide-ranging Surgical Instruments Catalogs & web site for your evaluation. We the surgimax group offers you to please come, evaluate, and decide to invest in surgimax group of companies which surly 100% profitable for you. And we would definitely want to share this business growth with you from our end, which can pave a mean towards better understanding and long term business relations.

Assuring you our best cooperation always and you will defiantly enjoy to work with us virtually.

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